What are the signs & symptoms of cancer?

There are really no ‘general’ or ‘common’ signs or symptoms of cancer. Each type of cancer can have its own set of signs and/or symptoms. For information about various types of cancer and their signs and/or symptoms, we recommend visiting www.cancer.org or www.cancer.gov and clicking on the links that will take you to cancer topic information.

How do I know if I have cancer?

The first steps in determining whether or not you have cancer are to make an appointment with your health care provider, explain your symptoms or concerns, and have a physical examination and follow-up testing based on the findings of the physical examination.

What if I already have cancer and am experiencing problems related to cancer and its treatment?

Our website has information about several common problems related to cancer and its treatment on our website. If you have a cancer diagnosis and are experiencing problems, check the content of our website.

Can I receive diagnostic or medical advice for my cancer on this website?

No, our oncology nurses cannot provide a potential diagnosis or medical and treatment advice. If a topic is not able to be answered appropriately by our nurses, you will be directed to contact your treating physician or health care provider.

What if the topic of my question is not listed on the website?

If you have a question related to cancer that is not addressed in these FAQs or in the website content, please email our nurse to ask your question. Our nurses will do their best to answer your question to direct you to an appropriate resource.

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  1. Hon Biz says:

    The data of Cancer.Org indicates that the Cancer are not slowing down, the numbers have gone up. New Countries have joined to support the cancer research, many have lost their lives but others have really survived depends on stages and availability of treatments, but the best arm to combat it is be informed. .your articles helps. Lets contribute for the awareness of cancer. We may save lives too!


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